Hey, ich streame auf Twitch

Welcome to my Gem Collection ♥
You can call me Wild.
I'm a Drake Lady born and living in Gem- uh, Germany!
My Streams will mostly be in German but please don't hesitate to ask in German or English if you have any questions.
Huh....? What's the Gem Collection you wonder?
It's you, you are the Gem ♥

Image by JArts


I'm a 36 year old Lady from Germany.
I work fulltime as a security software Supporter but streaming is suppose to become a hobby ♥
I'm using a 3D Model for streaming together with VSeeFace, a regular microphone and headset, a Logitech C920 PRO HD Webcam, a Leap Motion Controller and Open Broadcaster (OBS Studio).

Icon by Kuon

3D VTuber Model

The model I use for streaming was made by Zazush and rigged by their partner Shackal.
They did an amazing work ♥


Please find me on Social Media here